A Hero Among Heroes

laitman_572_03If the troubles in life are what drive us, if we are just looking for where to hide from them, then this is the very long and difficult way of suffering. In this case, I actually want to flee from what the Creator is doing to me. I am apparently fighting with Him, so certainly I won’t attain anything this way.

But if I don’t forget that I am specifically dealing with the Creator, then I react differently to any disturbances. I don’t eliminate them, instead I prepare myself so that through “equivalence of form” with the Light, through the bestowal that I radiate, I neutralize and transform every bad factor into a good one, and that is how I succeed.

In that way, success is being a “hero among heroes.” It is about a double overcoming: I transform my hater into a neutral state, after that I transform him into my partner. And about this it is said, “Who is a hero? It is someone who transforms his hater into his lover.”

From here we see that in our work we shouldn’t completely hold onto the same direction typical of ordinary life. I must make an effort to see that behind every person there is a force that activates him. I arrange a contact with this power through every object or entity. It is specifically that with which I am involved and not the person as he is.

How does one do this? I try to connect with a person so I can be closer to the force that motivates him. That is basically how I put all of humanity into a network that is connected to me and I discover the collective power, the Creator, the Infinite Light that is revealed in the entire Malchut, all in the same Kli, which I ultimately combine with me.

The beginning of the way, the ascent on the spiritual ladder, and the final state are all hidden in this yearning. So in everything that we go through, everything that we discover, we must only keep this direction. In every situation, in every detail that appears in front of me and generally in reality that singular, good and beneficent power is concealed.

I cannot keep this direction by myself. But by working with my group of ten and in relation to it, it molds in me this approach of “there is none else beside Him” and the “good who does good,” and I advance towards revelation.

And in addition to this, it is self-evident that we must go out to disseminate because we need to discover the Creator in all of reality, meaning, to discover Him in His entirety.

And this is our work, our advancement.
From the Convention In Los Angeles “Day Two” 11/1/14, Lesson #3

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