Planet Earth Is Our Common Home

laitman_746_01In our time, establishing a family “for the sake of family” has exhausted itself. That kind of family life about which they say, “my home is my castle” no longer exists. Today nobody can isolate himself from society and shut himself off from everyone with a high fence. That situation no longer exists.

Large masses of people are moving freely throughout the world, interacting, mingling together. They no longer feel that they belong to a particular place, people, or society.

A feeling is appearing in people that they are citizens of the world. They can live in every corner of the globe, without connecting themselves to any framework, especially now, when the English language has become the general language of communication. We are no longer limited by anything: not by area, not by family, not by nation. Today we must look at all of humanity as one family, and at the entire planet Earth as our common home.

So the role of the wisdom of Kabbalah is to change a person’s thinking. He really must become a citizen of the world. And while there are now certain nations that are still playing with isolation and detachment, claiming that they have their own way, in the future this will come back on them as a very unpleasant situation.

For they are going against the laws of nature that aspires to being global, to being integral, to connection and unity, to erasing all the borders, to what it was before the shattering of the collective soul. It is impossible to stop and delay yourself from this general integration. No matter what kind of integration this will be, for better or for worse, it is integration, and we must go towards it, otherwise the nation or the people will be disregarded and will be sentenced to great suffering and later will need to break themselves up.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/23/14

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