The Children Of The Universe, Part 3

Laitman_013_03Today, we are slightly lifting the veil on dark matter and other phenomena, but we don’t feel them; the result is calculated from data we collect, postulating what is lacking in them.

But we don’t know the source of the forces that operate in nature, the essence of their action, and the relations between them. The very fact of their existence we perceive as a consequence, not as a given.

The main point is that everything we can learn, study, and attain is described in our five senses because at the end of a chain of experiments and research there is a human being with his five senses, with his mind and his feelings, with his imagination and his ability to build specific models and to make them into a general model of the universe. So far, of course, all these models and results his research are very limited.

Basically, we know nothing, like a little turtle that comes out of his asylum and creeps a few steps in a time span of ages. In fact, he is not very far from the bush he sat under with his head tucked under his shell. And it doesn’t know anything.

Moreover, by advancing gradually he will not discover anything either. No matter how much we develop in our current state, we will not discover anything qualitative. We can collect a massive amount of facts and data, but we will not be able to process and study them so that they would depict the general picture for us.

This is because in order to conduct true research about ourselves we have to move to a higher level, to a higher mind and heart, in other words, not depending on the three axes of time and space and on the mind and heart that we have today, but ascending above them and seeing everything in a different light, as if we are not human beings on this planet any more. Then we will attain knowing people and understanding who they are.

We need a new science in order to do that. It isn’t by chance that scientists today already acknowledge the fact that traditional science is in a crisis. Why? After all, we have enough tools, we know how to build huge complex structures, we send telescopes to orbit the earth and our microscopes and accelerators penetrate particles.

Billions are invested in scientific research, but eventually the benefits of such studies turns out to be an illusion to such an extent that we even mock scientists who seem to be satisfying their natural curiosity at the expense of the tax payer.

We don’t regard science as seriously as we used to, especially when our essence, our ego, ruins all its fruits. After all, we use science in order to dominate one another and to profit at the expense of another, so it is actually almost impossible to find any good fruits on this tree.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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