The Power Of Motherhood

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We know that motherhood leads to a great change in a woman’s life. What exactly changes in her? What does she have to give up? What new process takes place in a woman when she becomes a mother and what does she have to prepare for?

Answer: A woman who becomes a mother gradually moves from the level of an individual person to a level of a system, which she enters. If previously she felt that she was an individual and not connected to anyone except her home, her parents, and her husband, she feels that she becomes dependent the moment she has a baby; she becomes connected and even captivated by her baby, who is now by her side, obliging her, tying her down, absorbing all her attention, and enslaving her to such an extent that there is nothing more important in the world for her than caring for him.

When I stroll in the park, I see young women sitting on benches with baby carriages speaking to one another. Each one is constantly looking at her baby while speaking to the others: “Perhaps he needs something or perhaps I can do something for him.” This goes on continuously. The baby doesn’t need that much attention, but her motherly nature obliges her to constantly care for him.

Imagine what would happen if we had to post a policeman next to every mother to make sure that she didn’t leave her baby alone. It would be impossible.

But the natural force that awakens in a woman after she gives birth is a great force. It is a force that spurs and gives birth to life. There is no more powerful force that creates dependence, love, connection, and care other than the force that is born in a woman who becomes a mother. It gradually grows weaker later on and takes on other forms because a mother can have more children and has to pay attention to all of them.

Still of all human desires, the dependence of the baby on her and her care for him is above everything else by far. It is because of all the other desires for food, sex, family, wealth, and respect, the desire to care for her baby, to be connected to him, precedes all the other desires and is more important than them all.

I emphasize this because in order to bring humanity to a state of harmony with nature and on which the positive advancement of humanity depends to reach a bright future, we have to use this force. It is because it is natural and we don’t have to look for anything artificial.

We only need one thing: to bring mothers together and explain to them in a simple and convincing manner that the integral method we recommend to the world is the best thing and is the only way that can promise their children a good, safe, and healthy future.

We should explain to every mother, for the good of her child, what the system of connections we have to establish in society, what we all have to prepare so that her baby will have a wonderful world to grow and develop in as every mother dreams of.

We don’t need to convince them any other way other than to simply explain to every mother what will create the best world for her baby and what we have to do so that her baby will have the right environment. We will not need to do anything else.
From the program “A New Life” 5/15/14

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