Two-Sided Work

laitman_942Our connection with each other indicates that we have established a covenant that requires us to be concerned in general about the whole group, or at least in the meantime about our group of ten.

According to this criterion can I examine whether I am disconnected from that concern or not?  Do I think about them all the time or don’t I? How much I am attracted to them and holding onto my thoughts about them shows where I am.

Thanks to our being able to carry out physical actions within a small group (a group of ten), spiritual work becomes simple physical work, visible and accessible for scrutiny, analysis, and examination. I can count how many times per day I have thought about the friends, how I have been concerned about them, how I have lifted their mood and have given them upliftment and excitement about the goal, and have nourished them with confidence and happiness.

I need to examine myself as to how much I adapt to the principle: “The end of the action is in the initial thought.” The final state is connection with the Creator. For this I connect with the friends now. So I need to check whether I am truly thinking about my connection with the Creator or have I forgotten about Him completely?

If I forget about the Creator, then my entire connection with the group of ten is not good. It doesn’t lead to anything except harm. This will be the regular egoistic connection where there is no spirituality, like between soccer fans or a military combat unit.

So I must be concerned about this enough to speak about it, at least, if I have no feelings about it in the meantime. I must remind myself that I am ready to connect with the friends in order to attain adherence with the Creator. This means that I am connected to attain the characteristic of complete bestowal.

And so already now, from the start, I show the friends how much I want this; I am ready to invest lots of energy in them; to inspire and serve them, I am ready to do anything for them, the main thing being to reach the Creator.

On the other hand, I can turn to the Creator with a request to help me to work with the friends so that I will be able to help them, to connect and elevate them. For it is clear, that I myself don’t have the strength for this, I can only ask on behalf of the friends.

It means that this is two-way work: through the group to the Creator and from the Creator to the group. In work through the group to the Creator, I am the bottom, for me the group is a higher level, and the Creator is above that higher level. The difference is who serves as a conduit that connects, the transmitter.

If I want to reach the Creator through the group, I use the group as a channel that connects me with the Creator. And If I get energy from the Creator to bestow to the group, then I am that conduit that connects the group with the Creator.

I must constantly imagine this scheme, to see most correctly and precisely where I am found, especially during the lesson.
From the Convention In Los Angeles “Day Two” 11/1/14, Lesson 4

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