How We Win In Our War

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the sources we are told that the Creator manages all the wars for us; He fights for the children of Israel, expels them from their land and returns them to it, provides victory and defeat. Is this correct also in the twenty-first century?

Answer: Actually it is not that simple. Indeed, we don’t know exactly what happened in ancient times so it is difficult to make the comparison today. First of all we must understand the concept of “the wars of Israel.”

In fact, all of the wars of the children of Israel happen within them, against the “evil inclination” that disturbs their connection. Because of their inability to connect and to convey the method of correction to the whole world, external problems are added to their inner disturbances and we must invest effort in them also. That is how many wars were fought.

On our way from Egypt, we passed by way of Mount Sinai and the Sinai desert; there we fought not just once against Amalek and against other enemies. After that the wars of the conquest of the land of Israel began; seven nations dwelled there and we were compelled fight against them to expel them from the land.

But these were internal wars. The seven nations lived both in us and in our world. And in general, what happens within the soul is also copied outside; our world is a copy that is a reflection of our soul.

So the foundation of all of our wars is internal. It is up to us to fight against our ego that separates and distances us. And according to the Torah it is up to us to be as one man with one heart. We always need to fight for connection.

Question: This means that there is a goal that is determined from the start for all of these wars?

Answer: Right, there is one goal: to reach connection according to the present level, the present period. The picture that we see outside is found within us. This means that all our haters, all the anti-Semites, and in general the people, humanity, all of reality, everything is within me. And only so that I will have the possibility of relating to all this correctly do I see this external reflection that makes it possible for me to differentiate and recognize what is happening, and thus fight. But the war is internal: to connect my good characteristics and to advance with their help, to rise above my bad, egoistic characteristics. That is how I am victorious over my enemies, my defects. And then, on the outside, I also defeat the external enemies.

But the victory is only by means of the Light that Reforms. It is written, (Kiddushin 30b) “I created the evil inclination, I created the Torah as a spice, for the Light in it reforms.” This refers to the power that separates us and also the power of the Light that helps us connect and win.

Question: How does this mechanism work in a nation in a state of war? More precisely I am referring to the nation of Israel that is engaged in a war with Hamas?

Answer: We are not making the corrections, we have not connected between us, we have not connected with the nations of the world, and we have not helped them to unite with each other. We are to blame for their present situation because only through us does the Light reach the world; we must be a “light to the nations.” And if we don’t do this, then we have a war. Those characteristics that we haven’t corrected through connection seem to us like our enemies and our haters.

Have we succeeded in correcting them? Have we succeeded in winning this war? The true hero is the one who “transforms his haters into his lovers.”

Question: War always inflames passions in the people; there are those who agree and those who don’t agree, each one has his own opinion. Are these signs of separation that we must correct? Is it worthwhile to stimulate debate to try to connect all the extremes together?

Answer: Yes, nevertheless, the war is designed to awaken us. War in itself cannot correct anything. Only through a chain of troubles can it push us to a compulsory understanding of the situation, until we understand that it depends only upon us. But this is not with the armed forces or our military strategy, rather only with connection, with the Arvut that we attain among the people and become an example of the right connection that makes it possible to overcome the crisis and reach general harmony.

Question: So how can we wage war after it has already broken out?

Answer: Without a choice we are fighting an external enemy and yet we clearly understand that, in fact, we are fighting with an internal enemy. Along with the military operations, it is up to us to strengthen, expand, and increase the connection between us because this is the main part of the war. The troops who are in Gaza, the “Iron Dome,” all of these are imperative only to gain time for the internal corrections.

Question: Every moment is precious! Our friends are falling on the battlefield. So how can we become wiser while we are immersed within the endless maelstrom of the news?

Answer: There is no need to disconnect from the flow of news, although most of it is not correct and not accurate. But nevertheless I would suggest being involved with connection. This means coming to workshops that we are doing all over the country, entering our website and learning what connection between people is. Even mental effort, even reading some article, is already a big correction, and through this the Light is extended through us to all of the people of Israel and through it to all the nations of the world. That is how everything will calm down.

Come, let’s do this with all of the people of Israel, and then we will see results throughout the world. Everyone will suddenly support us, including our uncompromising neighbors.

Question: This means that to have a breakthrough it is enough to open the doors and go towards one another?

Answer: Yes, “We open the doors of the heart”.

These are the “wars of Israel” and not battles against external enemies that we still conduct. The true battle is waged within the heart, within the yearnings of Yashar-El, when we fight to connect our hearts into one whole heart, to be as one person with one heart.

Indeed, the people of Israel at Mount Sinai were standing before an immense ego, a mountain of hatred (Sina), under conditions of connection. And the land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael), is a desire (Ratzon) directly yearning for the Creator (Yashar-El), the desire to bestow, for “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

To reach the land of Israel we had to accept the conditions of Arvut, connection, to be as one person with one heart, and after this to pass through a correction of forty years. But modern Israel has already existed for 66 years and we have not neared one another by even one millimeter, probably it has been closer to the opposite; apparently there is no people of Israel and the land of Israel doesn’t exist as an internal spiritual concept in which we must live.

And there are no wars of Israel in the true sense, for we are not fighting to become the people of Israel in the land of Israel, rather we are just a bunch of exiles.

Question: If the war is a “battle” to connect the people, so how exactly does the Creator manage the battle?

Answer: If we succeed in breaking through the current orientation and succeed in attracting the Upper Light, the power of connection, then it will fight for us.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write. The Wars of Israel” 7/21/14

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