An Unseen Energy That Changes People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the process of disseminating the integral method, I came across something interesting. We were working with the teachers of a school and they said to us that there is nothing new in what we are talking about: unite, be friends, educate children correctly, but we approach this in a different way. What is this “different way”?  Where does this come from?

Answer: In our words, our activities, in everything, a completely different purpose is felt. And it is not the words that are directed towards this goal, rather it is an inner force that exists within these words. This is what they feel. The main thing is that they also feel the result  that your actions, some kind of trace remains that does not exist after other activities.

You come to the external community, apparently entertaining them, and you do some exercises with them. After this, these people go out. Their head is turning in a slightly different direction and they begin to perceive the world differently because in your words and actions exist a higher energy that changes people. It changes them! This means that they cannot say what it was, but they feel that something has changed.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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