The Twilight Of Pesach

Laitman_119The Torah, ‘Numbers” 9:12: They shall not leave over anything from it until the next morning, and they shall not break any of its bones. They shall make it in accordance with all the statutes connected with the Passover sacrifice.

Question: It is written, “They shall not leave over anything from it until the next morning…” Why does the exodus from Egypt take place during twilight?

Answer: Twilight is a state in which you cannot scrutinize or discern anything. You cannot even identify a familiar person who is four steps away from you. This is the reason that the word “evening”—Erev in Hebrew—stems from the word, “to mix.”

The state of twilight symbolizes a person’s strong doubts.

Question: Why is it forbidden to break the bones of the Pesach sacrifice?

Answer: The bones symbolize Yesod, the basis on which all the other attributes are dressed. Our attributes must remain the way they initially were given to us, and we must not corrupt them in any way. We only need to choose which of them can be corrected and not touch the others.

This is referred to by “they shall not break any of its bones,” which means taking the basis and advancing with it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/4/15

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