Taking Pride In Our Mission

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If each of us had a measuring tool, we could measure where we are. How can I know if I am doing everything the right way?

Answer: If you had such a measuring tool, you wouldn’t need to correct anything. I have to constantly think how to do the right thing every moment along the spiritual path, what the Reshimot (reminiscences) Yahsar El (straight to the Creator) that I have received demand from me. Then I have to refine myself and to sharpen my sensitivity, my accuracy, in order to find out what the Creator wants of me and how I can fulfill it in the group, in dissemination, with myself, in the study, in the connection with the friends, the teacher, etc.

I constantly clarify things. This is the work we have to do. If I received everything readymade I would be a total righteous, an angel. It is actually by the difficult clarification in which I have to ask for the Creator’s help every step of the way in order to correct myself, that I reach connection with Him. Otherwise I wouldn’t reach that. I have to exert myself to a certain degree since the exertion is my vessel. Only by the exertion do I begin to differentiate between things that are concealed from me now.

We are born into this world with an instinct and a desire to develop, and so little children run around all the time doing something and thus develop. If we behaved like children with regard to the spiritual goal we would advance very quickly.

All we have to do is to exert ourselves. This exertion has to be right and not where our ego is dragging us to. We need a group so that the pride in the goal, the pride in belonging to it, and the pride in the mission that I have received from Above has to be greater than my self-love. This is what a person should develop. This is the key formula that is fulfilled only in the group, it is like team spirit, pride in the unit.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14

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