Man And Nature: Aggravation Of Relations

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Natalia N. Dumnaya , Ph.D. (Econ.), Head of the Department of Microeconomics, Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation): “We break the foundations of our own existence, undermine the basis – locus standum, on which we stand, literally. Nature, as a self-organizing system, has its purpose – states that the system achieves by means of self-organization.

“In terms of nature, the human being has to serve its purpose. However, he has his own goals and positions as a part that evolved from nature. Man’s first goal is to save his life, and hence to satisfy his basic needs for food, warmth, clothing, procreation, etc.

“Man’s second goal is to search for new, more secure ways to meet his needs. Fulfilling his own goals, the human being also performs the objectives of nature. He accelerates natural evolution.

“However, as the complexity of human society is increasing, the relationship with nature becomes increasingly more apparent; there are contradictions. Now, the question is that the human relationship with nature must develop on the basis of searching for the area of overlapping interests.

“Since nature is a self-organizing system, then it follows that the productive forces created by the human being not only must not violate the natural dynamic balance of nature, but the second nature created by his hands, or industrial civilization, should be a continuation of the first. Human civilization must go from technocenosis to coevolution with nature.

The egoistic industrial-urban development path that leads to material and moral losses constitutes a threat to humanity itself. It is no longer enough to have purely economic efficiency criterion to select options for the development of the economy. People should take into account not only their immediate interests, but also the interests of nature.”

My Comment: There is no doubt that a person should study the laws of nature and follow them. Otherwise he causes their negative reaction.

In many cases, the reaction is not immediate and this calms a person down. Often, there is no clear connection between the action and reaction of nature to him. But it is precisely for this reason that we are given the mind to study the causal relationships of nature so that we reveal the next level of our being, beyond matter.

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