Revealing The Unity Of Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we achieve the goal and unite in one common world Kli, what changes will occur in Europe?

Answer: We must understand that all the problems, including the crisis with all the suffering, appear for one reason: to guide people to find the root of the cause, to find why this is happening. We see that scientists, economists, and politicians cannot do anything.

The world has entered the stage that Kabbalah mentioned a long time ago. We talked about this before the 21st century. I heard about this twenty years ago and did not believe that this could happen. “So,” I thought, “they talk. What can I do?”

The world entered a different stage. Today, we are on a completely different level. We must reveal the unity of nature. That is why the world is global, it is integral, not only in us, but around us.

Today, we reveal the upper force at all levels of the development; the still level of nature including space, not to mention the higher layers, and vegetative and animate nature are one whole. All of this is a global, integral force from zero to infinity, one whole.

There is an exception that is a problem. Inside, there is a human being, the center of the world. He is given freedom, and he does whatever he likes in spite of everything else. He is a terrible negative against everything else.

We compare this human, that is, all of humanity, this collective image, to a cancerous growth because he eats everything around him. He destroys everything living and is in contradiction with the rest of nature. The rest of nature is global, integral, and united. We are not united at all, not integral and not global.

We say that the global crisis has come. What does that mean? It means that you do not match the rest of nature! Where is the crisis? Is it in you or in what surrounds you?

You must rebuild yourself. You are a human society that also must become global and integral. How can this be done? It can be done by uniting, achieving equality, interconnection, and mutual understanding. All of our development shows us the extent to which we are interconnected. We cannot get away from it.

Look what happens: A country is boycotted, disconnected from financial transactions or something else, and it cannot do anything. That is it; life has ceased. Cut it off from the rest of the world, and it cannot exist. That is the extent to which the world is global. This never happened before.

Our society is opposite to this globality; the present human nature is opposite to it. That is why, naturally, if we remove this contradiction, we will see the force of nature revealed in its entirety.

We will find ourselves fully connected with the entire world, moreover, as limitless, infinite. We will feel ourselves existing eternally in harmony with all other layers of nature.

This applies not only to countries that are suffering from the crisis. We should consider the level to which we rise and see all these crisis phenomena as obstacles for us to overcome to reach the highest goal. Just as a person has crises in the individual sense, a state does in the national plan and human society is in global terms. This is the only way to look at life.

We cannot approach governments today and talk about this with them because they are the greatest egoists and will not be able to understand it. Nevertheless, their minds are changing. There is a big difference between what they said five years ago and what they say today because blows and punishments make a person wiser and more receptive. That is why I hope that we will be able to accomplish this.

In addition to the materials that we are preparing to submit to UNESCO, the United Nations, and other international organizations, we are connecting many scientists to our work who have the same opinion that we have, those who understand that human nature, the nature of human society, must be fundamentally changed.

The problem is that they do not have a method. There is no doubt that we need to be in global equilibrium with nature, to be in homeostasis with it. Thousands of scientists in the world are talking about this, but we also should do it. How can it be done? We must…? There is no answer.

Millions of people around the world are becoming unemployed. The crisis will bring us to a point where we will produce only things that are necessary for our existence.

That is why people must understand. They should study themselves and change themselves instead of polluting and depleting nature. I do not need much to feed my “animal” for my normal existence.

I have to dedicate the remaining time, the rest of my strength, to changing human society. Then, we will feel eternal and total harmony. This will be much more than what we try to achieve today. Therefore, we should view the crisis as an obstacle above which we must rise together. That is why we are here.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3

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