The Force That Fills The Whole Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is none else besides Him, besides the force that governs us. This force is the only one. It means that there is nothing around and inside us but a single force that does and makes absolutely everything.

We study this force even in our sciences. We feel it within ourselves and around us. We are derivatives of this force. We exist in it; we simmer in it like little pieces in a pot of soup. It penetrates, creates, and carries everything out on us. This force fills the whole universe and originates from the Big Bang from which it further spread everything existing in the universe.

If it seems to a person that he exists outside of this force, it’s only because he simply doesn’t feel it, much like a small child left in his room while his mother is in the kitchen. The toddler thinks that there is no one around, that he is completely free and can do whatever he wants. He doesn’t understand that in reality his mom is watching him. We, too, are little children who think that they can do everything they wish on this Earth with the toys they make, play with, and get lost in.

In reality the upper force creates, acts, and organizes everything. This is the way we are advancing forward.
From the Vilnius Convention 3/24/12, Lesson 3

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