An Opening For The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanFeeling the importance of our goal comes from the Light that Reforms. It doesn’t depend on a person at all. He should only let the Light be revealed in him and everything that happens with him will be done by the Light.

All this will happen to you and you will be great, if you only open up a place for the Light in you. We mustn’t think that it happens thanks to some special abilities a person has. We should only appreciate and respect the teacher, not as an actual figure but the information he conveys, because through him you receive the Light. In addition, we must appreciate the group, because without it you will not be able to perceive the Light, to feel, understand, and use it. You will have nowhere to let it in.

Question: What does it mean “to create an opening for the Light”?

Answer: The more you are adhered to the Light, to the source, and want to annul yourself, the more you are included with your Galgata ve Eynaim in the AHP of the upper one.

The AHP of the upper full of Light of Hochma is its vessel of receiving. You can be there if you annul yourself. Then you are swimming there in the waters of Bina and growing. You have everything, the whole world, “from one end to the other”; it all depends only on how much you annul yourself.

But you are already born with your independent vessels. You have to minimize yourself in relation to the state you were in in the world of Ein Sof (Infinity). This is because the upper is Infinity compared to you. Therefore, you should diminish yourself to your own measure, which should have on the outside like an embryo.

This transition is very close, these are labor pains in which you get your own “garments,” instead of staying in the upper one without any form of your own and only annulling yourself, you are acquiring your form now. We don’t see this in our world because an embryo already has a form even while he is in his mother’s womb. But in spirituality it isn’t so.
From the Internal Convention 3/3/12, Lesson 2

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