Raising Moses From Nothing

Dr. Michael LaitmanM. Weisman, “The Midrash Says” (Chapter “Shemini”): There is only one method for getting closer to the Creator, and that is absolute obedience to His will. And the Lord says to Moses: “Tell your brother Aaron that I did him a great honor. Tell him where his sons are, is where the innermost part of the Shechina will be, which means the place where the Creator is revealed, His divine presence. Even you and your brother Moses will not attain such heights.

This is talking about a state that the created beings cannot attain until the end of correction. It is revealed after the levels of Aaron and Moses.

The fact is that Moses is buried on Mount Nebo across the Jordan River and his place of burial is unknown to this day. It turns out that he attained a level that no one has disclosed yet. But it still is not a level of the complete connection and unity that includes both the people and the Torah, i.e.,  all the parts of the general soul.

But at the end of the general correction, all levels will be revealed in what is called the allegorical picture of Moses’ tomb. In principle, there is no tomb since he climbed the mountain by himself and died there.

Later the state of Moses will appear again, but at a level that all the other souls below will begin to ascend to him, connect with him, and advance all the way to the end of correction. Then we will really ascend to the level about which it is said that “even you and your brother Moses will not reach such heights.”

The Torah speaks about the preparation that our egoistic desire goes through before entering what is called the land of Israel, that is, before the complete development of our egoism in love and bestowal.

It only tells us about the period when we come out of Egypt and reach the border of the land of Israel by going through forty spiritual levels and forty years of wandering in the desert (the ascent from Malchut (will to receive) to Bina (will to bestow). Then there is the descent from Bina to Malchut, when we begin to attain the level of Malchut, raise it to Bina, and then ascend from Bina to Keter (crown).

After the whole mass is corrected by the gradual ascent, there is an action called Rav Pealim Mekabtziel, a special force that unites all the corrected parts of the general (Mekabtziel is the connection that compresses everything into one unique force).

This is an additional correction. When it is fulfilled there will be an ascent all the way to the level of Keter. The level of Moses will then actually be revealed, not the way it is described here, but on the next level, when all the levels merge and ascend to the level of Keter.

Then the tomb of Moses will be revealed, that is, the state in which we attain the level of Moses, and together with him will begin to ascend until the complete end of correction.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/22/14

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