For The Essential Changes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are going through an immense number of states. In one of the lessons you gave advice to record these states and follow that with how we are changed in our attitudes towards one another and the outside world. I would like to clarify how to do this.

Answer: It is advisable to record our states because this shakes us up and obligates us a bit. Through scrutiny of those states, I suddenly begin to catch myself thinking: “But I really didn’t think this way yesterday. The day before yesterday I didn’t act this way. I behaved this way before and now quite differently.”

This means I am begin to notice changes within me. I recommended recording your feelings so that you will feel that serious changes are gradually happening in you that bring you closer to essentially new states.

Question: Does every person evaluate this individually or should the entire group do this as a result of the shared work?

Answer: The group also. But in a group all kinds of changes can happen all the time: people come and go. As a result of this, the influence of the individual on society is discovered and that of the society on the individual. But in general the group can evaluate its state, how much it reacted before in an unhealthy way to various actions by someone or something else, whereas now it understands that it must be more patient.

But the main thing is for everyone to set a goal for himself: “I want to see how much I have changed.” These can be very serious changes under the influence of Ohr Makif, which must be discovered in such a group, for you have indeed produced it.

So you need to experience very serious changes and this must be seen: You were lazy, you have become more diligent, you were scattered and lacked attention, you have changed for the good. Everyone changes differently, but it must be recognized.

And the main thing is that you feel your inner connection more, which can appear even as a result of physical activities. You always show concern for your common “baby” that is born among you, your shared general desire and common aspiration.

And this common general state is very valuable to you. It becomes so important for each one that personal life is not important to him at all; the main thing is not to obstruct our society, our common sensation, and our common connection that has already begun to appear and has its own right to exist.

And this is the Adam (human) that we are creating. This is that common part of Malchut that we compose together and in which soon, after the composition accumulates enough power, the Creator will be revealed.
From the Sochi Convention 6/9/14, Lesson 1

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