In The Wake Of Different Sensations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People who begin to study the integral method not only enter into positive states, but also negative states. Is it compulsory to pass through these states or is it possible to get along without them?

Answer: I think that it is not necessary to evade them, but rather, we should investigate them properly because it is our nature that is discovered in this way in that it shows itself more prominently and so we will see what we must transcend.

In feeling the negative states, the person needs to find pleasure like an athlete who overcomes an obstacle through overcoming pain. Feeling the result of overcoming the obstacle is more important to him than feeling the pain. He goes toward this consciously! In other words, the importance of the goal of personal change rises in value due to those unpleasant sensations that we experience on our way.

Even though we don’t need to talk in advance about sensations like these all the time, we need to try to obscure them all the time (not to annihilate, but to obscure), and immediately let people understand that this is how we learn about ourselves, our essence, and then rapidly put people into a workshop, a discussion.

After that, it is necessary to give them homework to write down all their negative and positive sensations and to bring these with them to the next lesson. Sort through the pages and the most important findings are brought into the workshop because what he feels, all the others partially feel it too. So, they will now discuss these states: “What is it? What is it for? What does this give me in life? Could it be better if I didn’t feel it, or is it preferable to feel it?” After all, when an illness goes away, it is sometimes felt much more strongly than when you are just beginning to get sick and don’t feel anything, until it passes through the latent period.

Therefore, it is necessary that people feel all the problems deeply and from personal experience reach some kind of a solution among them. The guide conducts their conversation, gives the subject for discussion, and during the discussion they need to draw their own conclusions, and then this truly will be their perception, their discovery, and their attainment! It is as if they discover a new law of nature themselves, a new mutual cooperation—what was before, it could be that not one of them saw it—and now they are the first ones in the world to see this together.

These are very serious matters! It is necessary to write them down, to work, to create booklets gathered from the conversations in workshops so that others can arrange the same discussions, to learn from them, and supplement them. So, then gradually, the method of integral education will be made more and more refined and effective.
From Kab TV’s “Through Time” 9/17/13

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