A Dual Processor, The Group And Me

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the workshop, how does one remember the need for inner work? I feel like I am a computer with two processors and one of them forgets about the goal, the work, all the time. The other reminds me about this all the time and remembers the entire process which I have gone through.

Answer: We cannot constantly remember the goal, the work, and we will disconnect from it all the time. This detachment is required to exist, but we don’t have to agree to it. And then it will be useful for our correction, as it is said: “Everything is found outside.” In other words, you don’t agree to be detached.

We are detached so that we will connect again on the next level. Also, I cannot hold myself on such a high level at all, except only by means of the environment.

Any electrical circuit works according to this principle; every item transmits its energy outward and takes new energy into itself, then again transmits outward, and receives inside again. It is like a coil and cable which constantly exchange energy streaming in circuits between them; that’s how they work reciprocally.

I cannot hold myself in a good state; I require mutual work with the group. That is how we alternate in our work. Moreover, each one of the friends passes through his own states. And then within this system, the Creator arranges the rate at which the states alternate in each one of us and in everyone together.

We must feel that we don’t exist in isolation; rather, we belong to one system with two processors, which work alternately, sometimes this and sometimes that. What we need is to pool our energy together so that you can charge yourself and be nourished with the energy from our mutual work. In a group, all the states that you have gone through disappear, all the previous levels, all of your history. All of this happens only within the group, within the collective Kli, until within it we reach the form of Infinity. Only then, in an action called the end of correction, will we discover everything that we went through.

All of this is found within the group. The first spiritual state begins in relation to the group, in my ability or lack of ability to be connected with it. That is how my first and smallest discovery of the evil inclination takes place, and so on to the last evil inclination, the great ego at the peak of the ladder of levels. Therefore, all of the results of the work are swallowed up by the group. The group is Malchut of Infinity.

Spiritual advancement is measured solely and only in contrast to the evil inclination that constantly increases: at whatever rate and with whatever power it increases, from this the rejection of connection grows in us. The rejection and the darkness become greater and greater, stronger and stronger, but we interpret, understand, feel them, and receive a push to work with them in order to connect with the group in the face of this darkness. We are interested in this rejection; otherwise, we will not accept our “signs of work.” Our advancement is measured with this.

Meanwhile, we judge only according to our feelings without objective measurement, but after this, we will measure our own states.
From 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/14, Workshop

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