Incomparable Situations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that we must organize workshops on acute questions that appear as a result of interactions. Is it necessary to promote these situations, since they certainly could accumulate and then appear like abscesses, or is it preferable to set up workshops in advance?

Answer: Try to do everything that you can and the Creator will turn it as needed. Your concern for tomorrow is right, but it must be more organized. This means I cannot say, “What will be, will be since everything is in the hands of the Creator.” I don’t realize free choice in that way.

Likewise, I cannot say that everything depends upon me, so I don’t want to pay attention to anything. This also is not correct. In general before the action we say,“Everything depends upon me,” and we say it this way as if it truly depended only on us.  At the end of the action, we say that all of this was determined from the start by the Creator and happened only according to His decision.

As a general rule, these two situations, these two disparate equations, are comparable only beyond the Machsom (barrier) when we begin to work with the middle line.  Until then, we only make attempts to connect them. Either everything depends upon me or everything depends upon the Creator. So, first try to take everything into your account, and after that, attribute it to the account of the Creator.
From the Sochi Convention 6/9/14, Lesson 1

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