Build A “Tent of Revelation” In Yourself

laitman_525Kabbalists talk about the spiritual world with words of this world, which causes us to be very confused. We read in the Torah about building the “Tent of Revelation,” (Tabernacle) and our mind grasps this as a physical activity.

The Kabbalists say that we can ultimately discover spirituality if we read these books by trying with all our might to descend into the depths of the words and clarifying what is truly concealed behind every word.

Question: So Moses is not an old man with white hair, a long beard, and a staff?

Answer: Certainly not! Moses is a characteristic. We are not talking about people or objects, but only about characteristics. Not an evil person but evil, not a stingy person but stinginess. The spiritual world is characteristics in their purest form.

So when reading the weekly portion, I must imagine a spiritual state, the upper world. If it is written that it is necessary to build the “Tent of Revelation,” so I must clarify, what is this spiritual tool in which the Creator is revealed? What characteristics in me must match what must be within it: The “Ark of the Covenant” with the Cherubs, Cohanim (priests), and Levites, with the people of Israel standing around it?

I begin to search for these characteristics only within me; everything happens within a person. The whole world is inside of me, as it is said: “And a person is a small world.” Even this entire world that I now see around me is actually found within me.

We must always try to represent this correctly, and ultimately an inner transformation will occur when I will begin to feel that it is truly found inside of me. Then I will understand how to build the “Tent of the Testimony” and what the work of the Cohanim, the Levites and the people of Israel that are around them are, and how my twelve tribes of Israel move forward in the wilderness.

I must build all the details that are mentioned in the Torah from my characteristics and desires. Before me lies the heap of my desires, and I must take them, sort all the forces and characteristics and clarify how to connect them to build the same form the Torah talks about.
From KabTV’s “The Torah Chapters with Shmuel Vilozni” 12/15/14

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  1. I dont understand if i am inside something why that something doesnt tell me what happened yesterday more clearly?

  2. Wasnt torah for all the other people.torah can be given only to others?

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