From The Bottom Of The Ladder To Permanent Dvekut

laitman_260.02The world does not have a form of its own. What we see in front of us is not what is actually there but a kind of an imagined reality the Creator wants to show us so that we can work within it to turn it into a spiritual world, the world of infinity.

Opening our eyes and seeing the world before us, we need to understand that this is a movie being projected to us from above so that through it, we come to the perfect picture. Each time, each day, we must arrive at this perfect form.

The conditions for the perfect form:

  • I am aware that I see that what the Creator wants to show me. In reality, the world does not have any form.
  • I must accept this world, which the Creator is showing me as a place for work, and I must bring this picture to perfection.

Through our individual work and our work in the group, we must change reality.1

In any situation we must strive to preserve constant adhesion to the Creator and not wait for things to get better. No matter what states a person goes through, he must exist in adhesion with the upper one.2

There is me and the Creator, and a world between us like the filling of a sandwich. This world represents my entire desire to receive, all my egoistic qualities, to me. If I neutralize them or even turn them into bestowal, strengthening my connection with the Creator as a result of them, then in this way I correct myself. I have nothing to change other than my attitude to the world.

From the entire world, the entire reality, I have ten friends with whom I can work together as if we are one person. The more good I do them and the more effort I put into them, the more strength I receive from them for my progress. With the group I learn how to be in similarity of form, in adhesion, in mutual action, as if with the Creator. But with the rest of the world, my work is only in one direction: to try to relate to it positively and nothing more.3

The center of the group is the point of unity of ten individuals where they annul themselves and disappear. They work with respect to this point; they lower themselves, and they help each other. The central point of the ten, the point of unity, is the goal where each one loses the sense of himself as if he does not exist relative to the nine friends. By realizing all the conditions of the work in a group, the individual reveals his own likeness to the Creator in this point.

To pray to the center of the ten means to aspire to such a state and request help for its attainment. I build this point in my corrected qualities, in my relationship toward myself and others, toward the ten, toward the Creator. That is how I realize this point of the center of the ten. This point is called the “pillar of prayer” from which we derive our connection to the Creator.4

If we could only see the world in its true form as it is created by the Creator, then we would see a picture in the positive, all in the black. But now, we see the same picture but in the negative, everything is in the red. We project our egoistic attitude onto the world and therefore we see everything in a corrupt way. If we neutralize our egoistic approach, then we will see everything corrected.

Instead of seeing how one devours the other, we will see that the wolf lives in peace with the lamb and everything exists in mutual bestowal and bestowal to the Creator. After all, no one lacks anything, each one is passing the upper Light to the other, including the wolf and the lamb.

We exist in a system where everything is filled with the upper Light and no one has any desire to exploit the other, but on the contrary, to pass to them everything they need until equilibrium reigns in all parts of the system. When each one balances everyone else, the upper Light fills them all according to each one’s maximum capacity.

Only our egoism spoils this entire ideal picture for us. We must correct our egoism and then we will see the true world. Negative will gradually turn into positive: in the negative, everyone devours one another, but suddenly everything starts to be corrected, corrected and turned into paradise.5
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/10/18, Lesson on the Topic: “From the Bottom of the Ladder to the Permanent Dvekut
1 Minute 6:20
2 Minute 12:28
3 Minute 21:20
4 Minute 24:55
5 Minute 1:44:00

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