Israel In The Eyes Of Jacob

laitman_740_02The Torah isn’t just a historic document. It describes our life and how we should be part of the plan of nature in order to experience a new weekly chapter (Parashat HaShavua) every week. Otherwise its lack of excitement calls us.

Question: Let’s talk about this week’s chapter called Toldot (the history), which is very important for the Jewish people, for Israel. First, because it tells us about the birth of Jacob and on the whole about what Jacob means to Israel.

Answer: It is the foundation, the middle line, by which we manage the two lateral lines, the right and the left lines, the plus and the minus. We understand that everything is made of two opposite aspects, phenomena, forces, factors, etc. according to the positive and the negative. Otherwise nothing can exist.

We feel that we are actually between these two forces and our job is to make sure that we are constantly balanced on all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature. Thus, we attain the feeling of wholeness.

This basically applies to all the weekly chapters, which once we fulfill them internally, we can feel through their prism that we are in complete adhesion with the Creator, in a state of complete revelation of the Creator, fully understanding the process of creation, the correction, and the attainment of absolute wholeness. We could experience every state as the attainment of partial wholeness, which means as the revelation of a deficiency and its filling, and we could feel that we advance, attain, and reveal the world.

This is how we are made. There is no greater joy for a person than the feeling of being full and attaining the Creator, or in other words, the whole system. It is because the Creator is the whole system that works for us. On the whole, nature only includes the upper nature and not our nature. It isn’t just a clearing in the forest or forests, but what is revealed and fills our emptiness.

This appears in us and we feel that we want it. When great upper emptiness is filled, it is the greatest uppermost level of our development. Then we attain adhesion with the Creator, or in other words, His perfect whole revelation in us.

Every weekly chapter of the Torah is ten separate Sefirot, ten levels that are revealed in their great emptiness and are connected to other weekly chapters. Together they make up a hollow Sefira, but it is revealed in gradual moves, in advancing according to each weekly chapter and thus is filled.

It is revealed week by week in portions of ten Sefirot on higher and higher levels that are more refined and subtle. This attainment is in a geometric series and an increasingly greater feeling of wholeness.
From KabTV’s “Weekly Torah Portion” 11/14/14

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