Under Protection From Above

963.6It has been another difficult day in the life of Israel. It is not enough that we have to fight a war on the front line, against missiles aimed at us.

Now the war has broken out right inside our home, dispelling the illusions that we know how to act and keep the situation under control. In fact, we do not draw the right conclusions about the current state: where it comes from and why it occurs.

We are already used to the fact that the entire world is against us, but we do not solve this problem, we do not feel that it depends on the unity of the people. We must finally understand the source of this centuries-old hatred and how to correct it. Yet, we again want to put a temporary patch to continue in the old way. We hope that the problem will resolve itself or we do not think that it is possible to solve it at all. Meanwhile, our opponents are getting even stronger and more skilled.

We need to understand the principles of the founding of the State of Israel, of the unification of the people. All the natural foundations on which other nations are based do not work here. After all, we do not come from the same father and mother, from the same ethnic root, like all other nations; rather, we were assembled from different nationalities. Therefore, there can be no natural unity between us. We need to connect above nature, but we do not want to.

Our connection must take place above our roots because there are the seventy different roots in us of the nations of the world existing on earth. We need to connect all of them together within one nation. After all, our nation was gathered from the natives of ancient Babylon, and we are the physical and spiritual consequence of this assembly.

Therefore, our connection can be implemented only on the principles of “They helped every one his friend” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” that are laid down in the Torah. If we do not enshrine them in our foundation, then as we develop, we become more and more separated and we will not be able to exist in this form.

Safety must be provided for us from above, from the Creator. To the extent that we unite, even if only a little, we will suddenly feel what strength, safety, and wisdom we are acquiring, which will convince even our enemies of our right to this land. In that case, they will even come to us and be happy to join us.

All conflicts have only one reason: the fact that we do not fulfill our purpose. No matter what claims are made to us by different groups, nations, and governments, in fact, behind all the words there is only one claim that we are not fulfilling our duty to the entire world, which is to bring it to unification.

There is only one solution: to understand quickly what the historical mission of the Jewish people is. Then we will understand our role in this geographical place, in the land of Israel. From all this, we will understand that only connection between us for the sake of fulfilling our historical mission, that is, to be an example of how it is possible to connect above egoism, will make us the light for all the nations.

Nature pushes us by the latest events and awakens us to think about our destiny. If our hearts are deaf to its calls, it puts us between life and death and forces us to find a solution.

This issue should be at the top of the agenda and put up for public discussion. Otherwise, the situation will become aggravated again and again and get worse and worse.

There will be a respite for a while, but then the conflict will return with a new force. After all, we have created a country as if we want unity, peace, and connection in it, but we do not want to come to this. It turns out that other nations who found themselves together with us in this country are opposed to it and hate us, and at the same time live next to us.

Imagine that you let a couple of your enemies into your apartment. Would it be possible to live in such a house, or will you always be in fear and tension? It is impossible to establish order in such a country, and none of the politicians have any plan for how to resolve this conflict.

Time after time, it will escalate further. Yet, the Creator still gives us some time to think and start acting. However, we are not moving in the right direction, toward the connection of the people, which is the only place for us to draw strength from, as it is written in our sources.

Connection should be not just in words, but in thoughts, in awareness, in understanding of our mission, our common goal. Then it will be a true correction of the people of Israel, and through it, the correction of the entire world, which is also in a difficult situation with the pandemic. There have already been times in history when a smallpox epidemic claimed the lives of half of the European population. Do not wait for such disasters.

The situation in Israel is such that everyone remains with their own opinion and there is no agreement. We are not even trying to reach a consensus. On the contrary, we will find more and more differences between us that do not allow us to unite. But at the same time, we will look for a way to connect above all the trends and opinions, and that is where it will be a true unity.

We should not hope that we will understand each other and feel each other and in this way we will unite. Everyone should rise above himself, not so as to connect one opinion with another, but to rise above all of them and there find a point of connection between all of us.

Such a unity will eradicate all external threats because there will be the upper force in it. The Creator gathered us from seventy sources, human roots, and therefore we cannot find a connection and understanding between us. Only by rising to our special and single root can we succeed and connect in it.

To do this, it is necessary to fulfill what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches: everyone annuls himself and tries to connect with others, in which, “They helped every one his friend.” And all together we will connect with the upper force, the force of bestowal and love, above the personal egoism of everyone. Then we will feel that it is in this form, as if soaring above the earth, that we can exist, and this is our eternal and happy life.
From KabTV’s “A Conversation with Journalists” 5/13/21

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