Why Do Jews Hate Each Other?

400Remark: “The self-hatred of Jews has reached a terrifying scale,” writes researcher Aryeh Stav. “The deadly virus of self-destruction strikes the soul of the Jewish people.”

Hertzel believed that once the country was established, anti-Semitism would cease and all Jews would exist like all the other nations without standing out in any way and would live in their own country in mutual understanding and harmony.

My Reply: A naive dreamer who absolutely does not know the nature of his people! He did not know what kind of tribe he was dealing with!

This is the most brutal people—stubborn, with the most vicious qualities. It truly is. And if the Jews do not have a method in their hands that can somehow correct them, raise them, and direct them somewhere, and if they do not know how to integrate with others, then there is such competition and such mutual hatred between them that they cannot live together.

They scatter around the world far from each other. Only the external hatred of the nations of the world can bring them together for a while, and then they run away again.

Remark: All Jews are constantly in such a vice: they run away from their own hatred while external hatred, like a net, gathers them.

My Reply: We must understand correctly why nature created our Jewish nature to be terrible, egoistic, and stubborn and why it gave all the nations of the world hatred and rejection toward us. To understand that, we must rise above our egoistic nature, the most egoistic in the world.

That is why we succeed in everything in this world. Whatever we do, our egoism is so great that we can do anything.

Until the middle of the 20th century in America, Jews were not allowed in anything. They were considered to be half-human. It is a fact that American society was like this. And then they opened up everything and look what happened in the second half of the 20th century! America is thriving, the Jews are thriving, and they do not want to hear anything.

And now everything has turned around again. American society is beginning to show hatred toward them. As usual, everything is back to square one, and now we will see the reverse process.

Remark: Assimilation, integration, has always been a matter of life or death for the Jews. They either enter the community where they live and begin to develop or they are simply cut off and cannot go anywhere.

My Reply: Naturally, our life is such that pushes the Jew to integrate into the surrounding society and to be the best there; otherwise, he will not survive.

On one hand, it is a necessity. On the other hand, this pressure, competition, and mutual hatred have created such a breed of people, Jews who are ready for anything, capable of anything, able to survive in any circumstances precisely because they were driven from place to place and beaten. You had to be someone special to be more or less equal to the others.

This is great, on one hand. On the other hand, this does not lead people to the mission they should fulfill. They have to show the whole world the method of connecting with each other, and they are not moving toward that, they are not ready and do not want to.

Remark: It is as if they have become hostages. Anti-Semitism becomes a necessary condition for their development.

My Reply: If there were no anti-Semitism, nothing would have developed among the Jews. For example, Jews in the countries of Maghreb, the Arab countries, and everywhere else in the world except for European Jews who moved to Europe from Spain, were not forced, they were not oppressed, and they were in relatively normal conditions and lived like everyone around them.

Without external pressure, nothing will happen anyway!

Question: Then why don’t they unite and stand up for unity? They could bring the method of connection to the world.

Answer: They know nothing about it! It was once at their root, from which they safely fled 2,000 years ago with the collapse of the Temple, with the collapse of the state.

Remark: We find ourselves in a dead-end. In other countries, people would not start raising the topic of anti-Semitism, although maybe they do not treat Jews nicely, if it were not for the Jews themselves who started it and if they did not give carte blanche by themselves turning against Israel. It turns out that the dog is chasing its own tail.

My Reply: This is how we have been spinning for centuries.

Question: How can we stop this and turn it around?

Answer: There is no way. To do this, you need to change the entire direction. In other words, the goals for the development of society must be different. They must be in order for society to understand that the goal of its correct development is the correct integration of all people, their connection with each other into one single whole without any differences, that by rising above all egoism, general, universal, and individual, we can build a completely different community, a spiritual one.

The Jews must lead this! But they aren’t doing this at all. Therefore, the hatred of the people, both conscious and instinctive, which is given by nature, pushes us forward all the time.

Remark: The desire to distance from one’s own people provokes the emergence of anti-Semitism within the Jews. And this is also passed down from generation to generation.

My Reply: Naturally, this is the same thing.

Remark: And it becomes genetic self-hatred.

My Reply: I would not say it is genetic. It became genetic a long time ago when the Jews began to use egoism for their advancement in the world.

Question: How can this be torn out from the inside, from our nature, and replaced with another element?

Answer: There is no way. Only through the wisdom of Kabbalah. That is why the Jews have a method that allows them to reveal a special force in nature, a positive force that brings people together and absolutely does not exist in our world.

This is a special method of bringing everyone and everything closer together to such communication that they can really show all people the method of connection, correction, something that people need today. But to do this, they must hear it.

We, the Kabbalists, that is, a small group of people among the Jews, have this method, and we are trying to implement it. But how to present it to everyone else, we do not know yet.

Remark: Many already write that Jews need to unite against anti-Semitism and that only by uniting can we help.

My Reply: No, the connection should not be for fighting anti-Semitism.

Initially, such an objective is correct as the initial impulse. But then they must understand the uniqueness of connection, what they can achieve in their unity, and not just run away from something bad, but what kind and good they can come to.

Question: What will they reveal and what will this self-hatred turn into?

Answer: If they start to connect with each other, they will reveal a completely different form of existence. Really. It is like a new world, the so-called upper world. That is why anti-Semitism exists, because the world subconsciously expects this from Jews.

They must discover between them— for them and for the entire world, for all the people in the world—a completely different form of co-existence in society with equality, brotherhood, correct integration, existence not in order to be richer than my neighbor, but in order to make the world more balanced; and in the right connection between us to reveal the upper force of nature, a way of existence not in competition, but in brotherhood with each other.

And we will discover a completely different, eternal, perfect state there, built not on destruction, not on eating each other, but on complementing each other. Then we will see that the spiritual world is among us and that everything depends only on our attitude toward each other

Question: Will the hatred disappear?

Answer: The hatred will not disappear. That is interesting. The hatred by itself will remain so that we can create connection and love above it.

It will all end very simply. I hope it will happen quickly and in our time.

For more on this topic, read my books Like a Bundle of Reeds: why unity and mutual guarantee are today’s call of the hour, and The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism, Historical facts on anti-Semitism as a reflection of Jewish social discord.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 1/14/20

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