What Does Habit Mean?

630.2A habit is influencing oneself by a voluntary effort of will, internal and also external, for example, by an educator. At that time, in every case, a certain general reaction of nature, what is called the upper light is activated, and it changes us no matter what level we are at.

We are not talking about some cosmic, spiritual levels and changes. Even ordinary earthly changes that occur to us under the influence of targeted learning still presuppose the presence of a special force in nature that we must evoke. This force changes us and gives us a different habit.

Habits are divided into two levels: earthly and spiritual. The earthly level involves replacing certain attachments with others when we change our habits. There are whole systems for this in human society. There are a lot of them and we see that they work.

But there is also the Kabbalistic system when, due to a special goal, we attract such forces of nature to us that change us and make us opposite to our original nature.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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