A Habit That Leads To A Wonderful Life

929Question: What would you recommend for a person to acquire a habit that helps in his spiritual development?

Answer: I would advise everyone to understand that we all are in one system, we depend on each other, and even if we do not think so, do not feel it, and do not see it, still imagine that we are completely dependent on each other. As a matter of fact, when we feel our dependence on each other, the habit will greatly help each of us.

A person must build a speculative picture that he depends on everyone, and everyone depends on him. Therefore, it makes no sense for him to think badly of anyone in the world and to try to somehow break away from them. On the contrary, with all his strength he must try and want all the people to understand a common connection.

Then he will act correctly for himself and for others. He will not make mistakes in life; he will always do the right thing. After all, the highest management of nature—when it is common—requires this from us.

Comment: But to imagine the world in this way is a huge effort.

My Response: If we try to maintain a global, integral picture of our world in this way, it will be easier for us.

Question: To make such a huge effort, it is necessary to show the huge pleasures that I can receive for these efforts. What are these pleasures?

Answer: Even the very fact that this is true already means a lot, but our egoism does not allow us to do it. We would not be spoiling nature, human society would not harm each other and would not develop means of destruction, etc. We could live perfectly well on our planet if we just had a correct idea of what is happening to us.

The right habit can lead us to wonderful existence. It consists of imagining that we are in a common system of complete interconnection—I am absolutely interconnected with all the people in the world, and I need to think only about them, not about myself.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/25/21

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