Unifying Two Worlds Within You

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe further we advance, the more confusing and unpredictable the world becomes. We see the presence of a process, but we do not understand where it is leading.

Studies show that our reality is situated in one quality: the desire to receive or to enjoy. All the calculations on all levels are conducted only on the basis of personal gain. Even bestowal is used with the goal of receiving. We lack the energy for an action that is not directed at our own benefit. So what should we do?

Kabbalists tell us that there is another, opposite reality which is governed by an all-encompassing force of creation. We can call it Nature or the Creator; it is the same thing. We are talking about an absolute, universal quality of bestowal. We can rise from the degree of reception to the degree of bestowal only with the help of this global all-inclusive force which created all of reality. We can evoke an influence on us through our actions so that this force would change our nature.

These actions are simple: We try to unite, to imagine ourselves in mutual bestowal, and along with this, we study the laws of the reality that is altogether concealed from us. Due to our efforts and the studies, we seemingly draw ourselves closer to the quality of bestowal or, on the contrary, attract it to us so that it influences and changes us.

Thereby, we evoke the joining of qualities while swaying on the waves of altering sensations. Sometimes, we feel good from achieving nearness to bestowal and see that we are moving forward. At other times, to the contrary, we feel poorly from this.

This is how we walk: sometimes with the right foot, sometimes with the left, sometimes with the growth of bestowal, and other times, with the growth of reception. If we don’t leave the method, the reception is revealed in us to the point of hatred, and love is revealed above it more and more until all the evil that is instilled in us and all the goodness that we can attract from the quality of bestowal are revealed.

Then, we create the right combination of these qualities: the middle line. We unify two worlds within us and exist in them both, constantly elevating the force of bestowal over the force of reception. This is called “receiving for the sake of mutual bestowal.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/10, “He Who Strengthens His Heart”

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