Powerful Weaknesses

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn the spiritual path, there are two extremely serious obstacles or two questions raised by the Pharaoh himself:

1. “Who is this Creator that I should listen to Him?” In other words, what is so important which is hidden in the property of bestowal for me to bow to it?

In fact, this rebellion of our nature helps us because by overcoming it, we can keep exalting the importance of bestowal over reception in our eyes. The growing egoism continuously denies the importance of bestowal, and we have to keep strengthening our connection with the group so that under its influence, we start aspiring to the realization of the properties of bestowal within ourselves again.

2. "What is there for you in this work?” Egoism shows us that we are weak and incapable of achieving what we desire. “What do you have to do with it? Your goal may be beautiful, but who are you to reach it?”

When we are overtaken by these two weaknesses, it should be understood that a person can’t break free from imprisonment by himself. The only chance to do so is for the friends to come and save him. I will find strength to advance only in the group, in the connection between us. There, I reveal my nature and realize that it lacks bestowal.

Then, I experience distress between the two poles: On one side, there is the importance of bestowal and on the other, my pettiness. And I acquire both these factors thanks to the environment.

Now everything is organized correctly: I am low, the goal is exalted and profound, and I have the means to reach it. At this point, there comes a feeling of certainty that we call the Arvut (mutual guarantee). After all, I know that through the group, I will receive all the necessary strength.

How do I know this? In fact, the correct environment is a structure created by the Creator and infused with His attribute. Therefore, if we draw closer to each other through the bonds of love, then bestowal begins to rule among us.

It turns out that in reality, I am not using the power of the group, but the property of bestowal that is hidden in our interconnection. It doesn’t belong to any one individually for it is the force of the Creator, which becomes revealed between us. This particular force is the one that does all the work.

Hence, the Pharaoh’s heart lies in the hands of the Creator. The Pharaoh is the force of reception created by the Creator for us to build the form of bestowal exactly above it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/19/20, “He Who Strengthens His Heart”

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