Through The Sea Of Egoism

115.06Question: Philosophy justifies egoism. It is no coincidence that one of the theorists of the modern postmodern paradigm, José Ortega y Gasset, said: “I am I and my circumstances.” Ninety-nine percent of people now live by this formula. How do you think about this?

Answer: I try to live not according to circumstances, but according to the way Kabbalah interprets it. It shows that the world is undergoing very serious changes. We see this every day.

But the question arises: What can we change? On one hand, circumstances give us some framework within which we can act. On the other hand, we have no right to agree with them because otherwise our egoistic nature will lead us into such states that we may not get out from.

Therefore, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we must still fight with our nature, that is, understand it but not agree with it and be creative about the egoism that underlies it.

Kabbalah shows a very simple way to this, which we have never used. If we try to connect correctly according to certain laws, we will come to the point that our individual vectors will join together and become one common vector.

In the Torah this is described as follows. There was once one great soul of Adam. But the fact that he allegedly ate the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that is, let egoism inside himself, he shattered into tiny parts—all his thoughts, all desires. Naturally, it was not a person, but a common image. And we are his children, so we are called ” the sons of men,” the sons of Adam.

This means that in each of us there is a small soul (soul means desire and intention). But all our souls are divided: egoism has gone inside this huge, massive structure, has torn it into parts and is between them, like the sea, whose waters cut the earth and form an archipelago. That’s how we are separated from each other.

If we want a different future for ourselves, an exalted, spiritual one, then we must turn this sea of egoism that separates us from each other into the opposite, into connection between us. Then we will reach another dimension, another world, in which our egoistic intentions and desires will not separate us, but, on the contrary, will altruistically connect us, and we will again gather into one single image of a Human with a capital letter.

This is what we must come to. And our nature pushes us precisely because it constantly proves to us that in our present nature we will find neither peace nor rest.
From KabTV’s “Together about Important Things” 7/18/18

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