Egoism Grows By Itself Like Weeds

622.01Comment: The Seventh Egyptian plague is a hail of fire and thunder. It was after this blow that Pharaoh promised to release the Jews from Egypt.

My Response: A person begins to realize that one’s egoism will not be able to sustain such blows. He is left alone with his nature and what falls on him, and restricts the use of egoistic properties.

Comment: The Pharaoh, however, does not keep his word and does not let them go out of Egypt.

My Response: This is always the case. They are called a stiff-necked people because as soon as the blow passes, they forget about it and return to their egoistic desires. This is the property of egoism.

It is the opposite with altruistic properties. We need to charge them all the time, push them forward, support them, cultivate them. Yet, the egoistic properties grow by themselves, like weeds.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/30/20

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