The Third And The Fourth Egyptian Plagues

746.01Comment: The third Egyptian plague is lice. A swarm of lice descended on Egypt, attacked the Egyptians, clung  to them, climbed into their eyes, nose, and ears. Then came the fourth punishment—sand flies. Yet, interestingly enough, in the area where the Jews lived, there was no such phenomenon.

My Response: We must explain that all the Egyptian plagues were directed mainly at the Egyptians and not the Jews. That is, these are internal blows to our egoism in order to convince it again and again of the need to rise above it. This is called exiting Egypt.

Question: We are talking about a person who no longer associates himself with his egoism. There is him and there is his egoism. Then who is he?

Answer: He is the supra-egoistic quality of bestowal, the quality of mutual connection that is starting to develop in him.

Question: Why did the whole process have to be described in such terms: lice, sand flies, and so on?

Answer: This is purely allegorical language because we are in ten desires, in what is called ten Sefirot. The Partzuf, that is, the egoistic structure of our soul, consists of ten parts, and we must give up each of them. Only then do we come out of our egoism, cross the Red Sea, and run through the desert until we reach Mount Sinai.

Actually, we come to a state where we do not have any chance of remaining in our ego. The Creator pushes us to that. He gives us such a sensation during the Egyptian slavery that seemingly in corporeality you have everything and in spirituality nothing. And you do not even want to receive spiritually because you do not get anything—everything corporeal is pushed at you.

This is very similar to our current state. After all, the world has come to quite a good corporeal state, but internally, spiritually, both the Jews and all the other nations of the world have no fulfillment, no sensation of life: what is it for, what is the motivation, why?
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/30/20

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