The Second Egyptian Plague—Frogs

961.2Comment: The second Egyptian plague is frogs. As it was promised to Pharaoh, “They will go up and come into your house and into your bedroom and upon your bed.”

My Response: This is about spiritual qualities. That is, no matter what spiritual qualities I want to use, I see my egoism everywhere, which prevents me from doing anything. Therefore, I do not have any spiritual life, which I had at some level before.

Question: Does it mean that everything I do, I do for myself, both in the family, on the street, and even when I turn to the Creator, it is still so that He would help me. Is that how it feels?

Answer: No, this is not how it was for them. After all, these are the sons of Israel, who, in the midst of their egoism, yearn for mutual bestowal, for connection. Egypt, Pharaoh, is their common egoism. And they, while inside it, are trying to somehow be mutually connected by the good, correct actions that Abraham taught them.

Question: So, are we talking about people who are already trying to connect in some way? They are not just the people?

Answer: No. That is why it is said that they descend to Egypt, where they gradually develop and suddenly discover that seven years of satiation bring them to a state where, while in egoism, they cannot satiate themselves.

That is, they cannot acquire any spiritual quality and fulfill themselves with even minimal spiritual life, although they have an excellent corporeal life. In this respect, Egypt is simply a corporeal paradise, but not the spiritual one.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/30/20

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