Symbols Of Passover

527.03Question: On Passover, we use a special tray on which we lay out six types of food. Why are these species chosen?

Answer: This food symbolizes particular types of forces and properties that we go through in order to get out of egoism and achieve altruistic properties.

This is all a way out of egoism into altruism. Therefore, it occurs gradually in our various properties.

For example, sitting at a common table, necessarily together, necessarily with a tilt to the left, reclining, represents that we are no longer pressured by Pharaoh, we are no longer slaves to our desires.

Four glasses of wine symbolize the complete exit from egoism, which consists of four stages of egoistic desire.

Matza represents bread that must be baked quickly because the spiritual exodus from Egypt is very quick and unexpected. Suddenly, a person is caught by a wave and carried forward. There is a change in his perception of the world.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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