Allegories And Spiritual Properties

560Question: At Passover, we eat Matzah and not bread. What does this mean spiritually?

Answer: The fact is that the rejection of egoism symbolizes the exodus from Egypt, from the power of the ego. By us eating Matzah, we seem to demonstrate what exactly the rejection is. A person should refuse to use bread because flour is one property and water is quite another.

Flour (the property of reception) and water (the property of bestowal) cannot be together. The holiday of Passover symbolizes the absolute separation between the property of receiving and the property of giving.

Question: Did the people who came out of Egypt go through all these states?

Answer: Yes, they felt that this was the way they should behave.

Question: And it was in such allegorical stories that they were supposed to describe everything? Couldn’t it have been something else?

Answer: No. There was no other way because spiritual properties had not yet appeared. How could you describe it? Only in the language of branches.

There are spiritual roots. It all happens in our inner forces there, and it is impossible to describe it because I do not know these forces, I am not familiar with them, I do not even have names for them.

And if I take spiritual roots and draw branches (consequences) from them into our world, because our world is arranged in exact similarity to the upper world, then I can already take the words “flour,” “water,” “Egypt,” “Red Sea,” and so on, and operate with these meanings while imagining that we are in the spiritual roots.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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