Why Do I Feel This Way?

219.01The Creator told Abraham that all those who seek the Creator will have to go through 400 years of exile, through four stages. During these four stages of exile, they will receive addition after addition of the desire to enjoy, which will grow more and more, in four degrees. And according to this, they will want to come out of exile and will finally come out.

The study of the Egyptian exile is not an easy phase because this exile is imprinted in us, and we feel it. We will go through different states: yearning for connection and rejecting it, descents and ascents.

It is a struggle. On one hand, this is a very powerful period, and on the other, it is not very pleasant. And so you need to stick together and try to go through it by correctly balancing the mind and the heart, both of them acting at the same time.

If you only immerse in sensations, it will be terrible. And if only in the mind, it will be only dry abstract reasoning. Therefore, you need to try to combine mind and feelings correctly in order to understand why you feel this way.

“Why” is a question from the mind and what I feel is a sensation. And when we connect the mind and the senses correctly, it gives us the right Kli that will allow us to come out of the exile. As soon as we organize such a Kli, we immediately feel that we are entering the upper world, the spiritual reality, and we begin to feel the forces operating outside of this world and the Creator who fills everything and directs everything.

But before that, we will have 400 years of exile, that is, four stages of increasing the desire to enjoy, and we must learn how to properly handle it. Until we figure it out, we cannot get out of our egoism. We need to uncover it, organize it properly, clarify it in ourselves, find out what we are gaining at its expense, etc.

There is a big, painful work to be done inside the egoistic desire: we want to get out, but we are not allowed. And each time we reveal how weak we are, how we do not really want to get out to anywhere, and we do not understand why it is necessary.

In such states, there is a desire to escape from this work, and now it is important to have the strong support of the group, the environment, and the understanding that there is no way out and you must continue. You need the right framework that will hold you at times when you are thrown up and down and in all directions.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/12/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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