Preparing Several Levels

534Question: We are studying the Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha) again, and everything is seemingly clear. Then something changes and there is a feeling that you are speaking on a very high level.

What can we hold on to in order to relate to this in sensorily? There is no logic and no feelings and everything vanishes. Could it be that we are doing something wrong? Could it be that we need to somehow change our attitude toward this or could there be some magical way?

There is a feeling that if we begin to study Pticha again in another year and a half or two, we will return to the same state, will come to a halt at a certain point, and then we will once again feel that you are speaking on a high level that we cannot attain.

Answer: It is not a high level, but the lowest spiritual level, and we have to ascend to it. The fact that you don’t understand what it is about is true. It is so that you will realize that you don’t understand anything and that you need to change your conduct and your attitude in order to understand something. After all, our goal is to somehow attain the feeling of the Creator.

I can, of course, remain on the same level and speak to you about Sefirot, Partzufim, worlds, etc., mechanically, about the work of the light. But my goal is to make all my students feel the writings sensorily or at least let them understand that they are not in it in their sensations.

How can we attain this specifically? By getting closer to each other, not by formally sitting in a ten. They need to yearn to connect in their hearts and to begin to feel the Creator in this connection. It is not easy. It takes a long time, but it is the way of reaching the upper world. This is the reason we were given this life. This is the way of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

You can also study the wisdom of Kabbalah formally, purely theoretically. And even not study it, but its application in our world, and how our world is deteriorating and what the wisdom of Kabbalah says about that. We can also implement the wisdom of Kabbalah in order for external unification and for dissemination. This is also very important, but it is not a person’s most internal work.

We are preparing several levels. On the highest level there are those who can connect with the Creator through the connection between them and convey the upper light through them, the upper energy, the attribute of love and bestowal.

Later this attribute will move to a lower level where people can connect to each other on a friendly basis and not spiritually. They will unite and will make up the mass of Bnei Baruch.

Since this mass has not transcended the Machsom completely and its major part is on the level of our world, it can connect with the masses on lower levels too and also with other nations and explain the attribute of unity to them, how important it is, and how it can save our world.

This is how we will advance. But we need to build all that.

I teach everyone, those who can understand that the most important thing is to ascend above yourself, to annul yourself with regard to the ten, and thus connect to the Creator who sets Himself as the highest level. The others will work on lower levels, but still each one has his own work he has to fulfill. This is the phase of human development we are in.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/4/19

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