My Thoughts On Twitter 3/23/21

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Everything that happens to us is sent to us by the Creator. He commits a transgression, and we cover it with love. We cannot destroy his work, but thanks to Him creating transgressions and hatred, we can reach love and unity. One is impossible without the other.

Either we are coming closer to goodness and unity, or to a third world nuclear war. How much time will it take? The Creator has no concept of time. The program will not change. As Baal HaSulam writes, millions of years later, life and the process of development….will begin anew on planet Earth.

We are opposite to one another, but along with that we complement one another and thus reach perfection. No one can exist with another person unless he forcefully bends him. A developed person wants good, pure-hearted relationships, not out of fear.

There’s no bad or good. Each one considers the other bad, and himself good. Complementing is when despite fights and arguments, each one understands how to properly coexist with others, mutually complementing one another for the sake of society. For the sake of society and not only for one’s own sake.

We have an evil and good inclination. It is written, “Two cling to the talit“—each one says, “everything is mine.” they argue. Either they’ll tear a person apart or the person will be able to unite them. Neither quality can leave the stage: not the historical, nor the human, both are present everywhere.

The force of #Moses pulls out those who understand that living in the state of Egypt is low and miserable, that we are controlled by our #egoism, and it obligates us to lead this kind of life. Rising above egoism is our work, our mission, our goal. This is the meaning of the #Passover holiday.

#Passover is a transition from the control of the ego-desire, “everything for me,” even when it is harmful to the neighbor, to the desire “for the sake of others”—even at one’s own expense. This is a leap from #egoism to bestowal, from #hatred to love when we change our life and shift from the evil inclination—the will to receive, to a good one—the will to bestow.

We are between heaven and earth, under Pharaoh’s power. We want to run away from him, but don’t understand how. The young generation is looking for what it can do with its life, “What are we living for,” “Why?” We must help it find a way to come out of #Egypt, rise above all the egoistic values of Egypt, and find new ones. #Passover
From Twitter, 3/23/21

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