My Thoughts On Twitter 3/17/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Man exists on the highest developmental degree. When he starts correcting his relationships with other people, the other degrees—still, animate, and still, will instantly enter a balance. The world will calm down and become wonderful and integral. #environment

We are confident that by realizing “green” projects, we are conserving nature. However, it is not the global nature that we have to correct—rather, we must correct the person. All of nature is integral and interconnected on all degrees.
#climate #sustainability

The primary way out of any #tragedy must be realization of evil of our relationships.

We need more energy as we want to produce a greater variety of unnecessary products. By making the right calculation, we would have saved on excesses. But the ego will not allow us to do so. Knowing that we will die in a year will not help us change our behavior.
I’m enjoying the right now—and that’s enough!
#consumerism #energy

It’s been 10 years since the tragedy at the Fukushima #nuclear plant. But humanity does not learn lessons from tragedies. It learns only from blows. All the blows that humanity has undergone in times of war, catastrophes, and tsunamis, have accelerated the negative development.
We continue to follow a flawed path.
From Twitter, 3/17/21

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