Mind And Consciousness

88Question: Is the consciousness that I possess individual and the consciousness in the information field general?

Answer: Yes, it is individual until you completely equalize your consciousness with this field.

Question: Can we say that the general field induces a part of it, its image, in me?

Answer: Absolutely.

Question: Does it make sense to talk about consciousness without the subject of that consciousness?

Answer: No. In Kabbalah, this is perceived differently. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, each of us is a desire. If we build certain counteractions to this desire, then at the same time we rise above it to the level of the field surrounding us. And then, to the extent of our similarity to this field, we begin to feel and explore its intentions, plans, and actions concerning us.

To this extent, a person becomes intelligent. And before that, we consider that he exists as a separate person. And then his consciousness is the consciousness of this field.

Question: That is, mind and consciousness are identical concepts, or is there still a difference?

Answer: Reason is much lower than consciousness because it is a processed consciousness in us. It allows us to perform certain actions that lead us to higher consciousness. That is, the mind is a mechanism, an auxiliary element that helps us rise from one level of consciousness to another.
From KabTV’s “Meeting with Kabbalah” 3/1/19

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