Harmonious Combination Of Good And Evil

562.02Question: Thomas Mann’s novel Doctor Faustus raises the main problem of the 20th century, an agreement with the devil. The protagonist of the novel says that this treaty defined the entire culture of the 20th century.

Do you think this is real? Or does the devil do everything so that he is not considered to exist?

Answer: No! I believe that the “devil” exists! Moreover, it exists in a contract with the higher force as its reverse side, opposite to the integral side.

These two forces, positive and negative, as if God and the devil, mutually complementing each other, lead a person to the realization of freewill and the ability to change oneself even independently of each of them. This is how they interact with each other.

Question: The devil is always spiritual? We are talking about overcoming selfishness, but we must not forget that evil has a colossal charm. Does this charm also come from the light, from the spirit?

Answer: Of course. There can be no absolute evil and absolute good, they mutually complement and support each other only so that we find ourselves between them. Between them! We would take from one force and from another everything that we need. Such a correct, harmonious combination of two forces will make a human out of us.
From the TV program “Together About Important Things” 7/18/18

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