Egoism Poisons Our Lives

115.06We all have to go through two stages of our path, and the first is the exile from spirituality. This stage is very long because first the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature develop.

Then a human appears who also has to go through four levels of development: inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking inside human, until he begins to realize that he is under control of the will to receive for his own sake. Egoism keeps us in slavery, preventing us from being free. Therefore, a human himself defines his state as an exile from the force of bestowal, the force of love and connection.

Throughout history, only a few people have come to this conclusion, but in our time we have entered the period of what is called the “last generation,” when nature pushes all of humanity to reveal that we are in exile from the will to bestow, from mutual love.

Egoism holds us in this terrible slavery. When we realize this, we will understand that there is only one way out: to shout, to ask, to demand with all our might, the upper force, which has placed us in this exile, to bring us to freedom. The difference between exile and redemption is only one letter “Aleph – א,” which symbolizes the revelation of the upper force, the Creator, in our world.

If the Creator is revealed in our lives, we will feel that we are coming out of exile, out of the control of our egoism, which no longer locks us in the dark corner of the entire vast reality. Therefore, the most important thing to begin with is to realize that we are slaves of our egoism, our Pharaoh, that we work for him with devotion and love and obediently fulfill all his whims. We do not detach ourselves from him, so much so that we are in solidarity with him. It is only when we begin to receive blows for associating ourselves with egoism that we recognize that it is concerned with its own good, and not with our benefit.

This revelation comes only through a special illumination from above, from the Creator, who awakens in us the feeling that there is another governance in the world, not only of this terrible egoism. There is another governance in the world of the forces of connection and love.

Now we feel ourselves between these two forces fighting with each other, and we want to belong to the force of love, the force of good. The evil force that controls us is egoistic, and therefore, it is not related to the upper force. It turns out that instead of enjoying our egoism, we begin to perceive it as evil and ask the Creator to take us out of the control of the evil force.

This is how we gradually become free from the enslavement of our egoism, we come out of Egypt, out of the control of the Pharaoh, the evil inclination, and come under the control of the good force of bestowal and love. We are always under control of one of these two forces, it is impossible otherwise: either one or the other. If one of them rises, the other one falls, and vice versa.

Therefore, looking at the historical process that humanity has gone through, we can say that it is all called the Egyptian exile, starting from the first days of the creation of the world. There was not even a human being yet, but the will to receive was already dominating the world. Only there was no one to identify it and to want to change this dominion.

When a person discovers the control of egoism over him, he tries to come out of it, and then he enters the next stage already outside of Egypt, in the land of Israel.

There is nothing more than these two states: either Egypt or the land of Israel, and now we stand right on the border between them, between these two desires. Let us hope that we will quickly discover the control of the evil inclination over us and that we will not want to remain under it, will define egoism as evil, and we will move to the control of the good desire.

Therefore, there are only two states in history: Egypt and Israel. Until today, all of humanity has existed in Egypt with the exception of  selected individuals, the Kabbalists, who have already emerged from it and are illuminating our path. All the rest of nature is under the control of egoism, but in our time we are already able to reach bestowal.

The sooner we discover that we are under the hated control of Pharaoh and want to escape from this slavery, the closer we will come to the exodus from Egypt. This discovery will be made by all of humanity, with the realization of the evil of egoism that poisons our lives, and then we will all exit to freedom.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/23/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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