The Staff In Moses’ Hand

284.03Moses is a force that wants to pull out all a person’s desires. I decide to become good, to yearn for spirituality and bestowal, to connect with my friends, to love everyone, and to rise above the dirt of this world. I decided! But the next moment I forget about my good intentions and everything goes on as before. This happens to everyone. And what do I do?

The force that decides to go forward and pull along all the other desires of men is called Moses. And Moses sees that he cannot pull the others out with him. Then he complains to the Creator: “But, they will not believe me!”

You convince your body that you need to get out of bed to study, to strengthen the connection with your friends, and to work together on your connection. I try to persuade my heart, but it does not want to listen. It is not impressed by my appeals, that is, it does not believe that this should be done.

Then the Creator ordered Moses to throw the staff on the ground, the staff turned into a serpent, and Moses got very afraid and ran away. The fact is that there are only two states: egoism or sanctity, and there is no middle ground. The same staff turns into a snake if you throw it on the ground.

If I value spirituality no more than the values of this world, then my staff turns into a snake, and I will of course run away from the spiritual path. Therefore, even if I do not see the value of spirituality, I must increase it, grab the serpent by the tail, lift it up, and it will turn into a staff.

Whether it is a staff or a serpent is determined only by the person himself. That is, I decide how to move forward, either to spirituality, to connection and bestowal, or to corporeality, to separation, isolation from my friends and from bestowal, and this is called the staff or the serpent. And it all depends on what I value more and what I value less, that is, I need to work on my scale of priorities.

This work is mainly carried out in the ten when I am impressed by how much my friends value spirituality. Everyone is obliged to show his friends that spirituality is much more important to him than corporeality, and so: “They helped everyone his friend.” This is the most important thing.

The serpent represents all the intentions for my sake and I must grab them by the head in order to be on top of them.

The Creator teaches Moses by giving him the staff with which to advance and go forward. This means that corporeality will always be lower in importance than spirituality, and this will pave the way. But if you do not keep the importance of spirituality high and you throw the staff on the ground and decide that spirituality is not particularly important, that heaven is not more important than the earth, then the staff will immediately turn into a serpent. In this way, the Creator shows that spiritual elevation must be preserved.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/25/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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