Manifestation Of Freewill

546.02Question: Does the manifestation of freewill in a person increase with his spiritual development and integral skills?

Answer: I think that it is the wisdom of Kabbalah that enables a person to achieve absolute freedom of will when, in addition to his original nature, which is an egoistic desire to receive and be filled, he acquires the altruistic desire to bestow.

Between these two directions, called lines, he forms his personal vision of the world and consists of both sides—reception and bestowal.

Therefore, his freewill is realized in full measure precisely by understanding that he is a combination of both properties of nature: minus and plus.

Therefore, by achieving general freedom, general knowledge, penetration into the depths of nature—which is unlimited—and into oneself, into the general force of nature, is called the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Integral Course” 3/19/21

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