Translating Words To Feelings

284.05Question: When a person studies music he first learns to read musical notes and only after prolonged exercises on the musical instrument does one acquire the ability to play, and by reading the notes he already feels the tune. I think a similar process happens when studying the wisdom of Kabbalah.

When we study the Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah (Pticha) we engage in the intention, and the “musical notes” that should remain in our thought, but they evaporate for some reason. We have been studying for many years and we still cannot remember the dynamics of the spiritual objects.

Is it necessary first to acquire the basic knowledge of The Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah, i.e., to get to know its dynamics, the interaction between the spiritual objects and their changing states, before we begin to translate it to feelings?

Answer: No, there is no need for that.

Try to picture what Tzimtzum means, then the light leaves you, the feeling of shame and the decision to receive the light only for the sake of the Creator. This is the beginning of the “musical notes” without which it is impossible to learn how to play, which means to receive the light, to reject it, and to receive it in new clothing, etc.

We are already on the verge of entering spirituality and we need to begin to feel it and begin to play. Theoretically, we have already played this many times, but we have not combined our feelings with the words and did not give the words feelings, and therefore, we have not entered the upper world and have not touched our soul. Now we must do that.

We need to try to summon this in us somehow, and then you will begin to feel the extent to which you are part of this process or not. Care about this, work on it more actively. Some of you may leave this because you will not feel the need for it. Some of you may not perceive it emotionally and will continue to study only mechanically for a few more years and only then will you join the group in its sensory movement.

So, we should not banish anyone nor force anyone nor reprimand anyone. But I will advance in the study because I focus on the advanced part of the world group. I believe that there are people in every group around the world who are already in a state in which they can begin to think sensorially; they do not simply read words about actions and objects in our world, but are actually in upper spiritual sensations.

Question: When we go through a state of emptiness or feel a state of descent, how can we keep the balance between the ascent and descent, between emptiness and the filling?

Answer: You can do this only in the group, because when you are in the group in such a state everything is balanced and complements itself between you. You can undergo different states, but they will never harm you, they will not throw you off track, and will not detain you. Part of the “notes” will be added to others and there will be harmony.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/4/19

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