Hearing The Melody Of The Spiritual World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe initial picture that appears before a beginner who reads The Book of Zohar is very disorderly. He gets confused, not understanding what kind of language it is using exactly—the language of Kabbalah, or talking through the Lights, Kelim, and Partzufim, or in the language of stories.

Often the same paragraph in The Zohar uses a mixture of languages. For example, on one hand it is talking about Adam, Eve, the snake and so on. On the other hand it is talking about Malchut and Zeir Anpin and how they unite, attaining ZAT or GAR of Bina. That’s because the same sin and its correction which is described in the Torah can be described in four languages—those of Tanach, Halachot, Hagadot (stories), and Kabbalah. However, a person does not connect all of this together yet.

Nevertheless, to the degree he advances, inside his more corrected Kli or desire, he will understand how to translate things from one language to another. He can then use the language of Tanach or Halachot to explain the things written in the language of Sefirot. The language of stories is deeper, and therefore it is more difficult to explain things in it.

He can go from one language to another, from one expression to another. That’s because in essence he expresses his inner sensations or how thoughts and desires which used to be opposite now unite inside of him.

This is the only thing we express. I don’t need a language, letters, or anything! I have feelings (sensations in the desire) and the mind. Previously they were driven by hatred, whereas now I transfer them to unity and love. We do not have anything more than that. All that we do is reveal the disunity and the breaking, and by correcting them we attain the implementation of love.

However, it is possible to talk about this using words of four languages, and besides, instead of explaining it with words, it’s also possible to just feel it inside. That is why a person who attains spirituality doesn’t care what language it is written in. He shifts between languages since for him this is all the same thing.

It’s the same as how an experienced musician looking at notes hears the melody that these notes play inside of him, or how a professional chef looks at a recipe and already experiences the taste of the dish.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/11, The Zohar

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