Ask The Creator To Shine Upon Us

934Question: Suppose we rise above the conflicts and differences between us in the ten in order to unite. When will our direct connection and understanding of “The Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” happen?

Answer: When you ask the Creator to begin to shine upon you. Only then. It takes a long time. Everything depends on the common effort.

If you make common efforts, you can ascend very quickly, just like launching a missile. There is the starting fuse that raises the missile above the ground to a certain height, and then the engine of the missile turns on and the missile continues its flight.

It is possible to quickly ignite this fuse and rise above your ego. There, the machine is turned on and you move forward.

Question: Suppose I have already risen above myself, have connected to the friends, and now I am not asking that He shines upon me. What does it mean to beg the Creator to shine upon me?

Answer: Are you already in a state in which no one differentiates himself from the friends? Have you already ascended above the level of the ego that you have now? Are you connected internally so that you feel as one whole? Do you feel the same general level of internal unity that you did not feel before? It appears only as a result of the connection between you.

That is, to the extent that each one has annulled himself, all the annulled individual parts connect as one, and the result is common annulment. This is called rising above yourself. It is on this common part that the Creator operates. You can connect to the Creator, the Creator connects to you and starts to work.

Have you felt this common part between you which each of you has seemingly extracted from himself and connected with others? I give this up, I want to exist in it, detach from my “I,” be in that part extracted from me, and I want to connect to others in it. Do you feel this state?

Do you feel how these parts connect into one common part and how you want to feel the Creator in that common part that was extracted from everyone? Do you want to bestow unto each other, to connect in order to bestow unto the Creator and to feel Him? You need to cultivate all these experiences and to constantly discuss them, work on them, and feel them. Eventually, you will go through this.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/4/19

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