Shake Up Humanity

961.2Comment: Each country has its own egoism, its own claims. Between countries there is a so-called vulgar Darwinism: I am better, and you are worse.

According to the famous scientist Kapitsa, when there will be 11 billion of us, the need for the countries will disappear by itself.

My Response: I do not think that the number of people on Earth will grow into some different quality. That is, there are changes in people, but they are internal, not quantitative.

After all, we see how the new generation does not want anything. They are not interested in anything except their phones. They see their life only in them. They do not even talk to each other.

Yet, I have a hope that humanity, being in this state, can hear something. We must not give up, we must do something.

I think that we can shake up those people who feel detachment and emptiness and show them that there is an opportunity to rise above our egoistic nature because it buries us in itself.

Our main task is to connect with each other above all disagreements without any politicians and presidents. It is the connection that will reveal the positive force that our world is lacking. It will show and complete our internal, egoistic, negative force. Then we can find a paradigm of the correct development of a person.
From KabTV’s “Together about the main thing” 7/18/18

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