Reveal The Upper World Together

laitman_939.02Question: Suppose one friend rose above himself, he feels the connection between us in the ten and the revelation of the Creator. The other friend, at this moment, does not feel this, he has different thoughts.

Should this happen at the same time or each one in turn; for example, today—one, tomorrow—the next one, the day after tomorrow—me?

Answer: Everyone will feel it at different times until you begin to feel the unity together, and only then does the Creator begin to reveal Himself in it. You must come to the point when inside yourself you live constantly in this collective solidarity. This is the group.

After all, a group is not just ten people sitting next to each other. The group is what they have separated from their egoism, they want to be above it, to unite in this and feel the Creator in order to give to Him, to exit themselves, but already together as one. Now, they are looking for where He is in order to give it all to Him, as if giving Him a bouquet of ten roses.

In The Book of Zohar, this state is compared to a rose among thorns. The rose (Hebrew: Shoshana) is Malchut. Shoshana is from the word “kick in the teeth” because it is very difficult to exit yourself, just as if a person gets hit in the teeth. Thorns are all the other qualities that you cannot connect to each other. In general, this is a big job.

But it cannot be that this happens today with you, tomorrow with another friend, then with a third, etc. You have to come to a state where you constantly work on it together, and your community and its direction to the Creator are the most important for you. This is the core of your existence, your life. Only this is worth living for. Everything else is as a small addition in importance!

Question: Can we discuss, in our daily work in the ten, how each of us feels about this and how to come to this?

Answer: In general, you can. Just try to treat each other with love because if a friend talks about how he wants to connect with the ten, then everyone else needs to be very careful not to take it lightly because you could cancel out the group’s combined effort.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian 4/4/19

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