A Group Is A Single Body

Dr. Michael LaitmanA group in itself is one single whole, and everyone gets only what exists in the whole group, nobody feels himself as a unique unit.

In a group there don’t need to be any differences between men and women, veterans and newcomers, any differences of opinion, misunderstandings, or distortions.

The concept of an “individual” torn off from the others doesn’t exist in it because one is the hand, a second is the foot, a third is the body, and so forth. Everyone constitutes a single whole, one body that is found in absolute mutual cooperation, in absolute agreement among all of its limbs.

This must be the main thing for everyone and we shouldn’t have any complaints from anyone about this. The opportunity was given to me to participate in a group, to dissolve in it, and nobody takes that from me because the Creator is the one who granted it to me. He brought me here, gave me friends as His representatives through whom I must work on my unification with Him. I am found in this.

The main thing is that in every moment I can dissolve in the group further and further, “losing myself” among them such that they manage all of my thoughts, feelings, and desires, they determine all of my behavior, my attitude. The moment that I attain this state, I immediately begin to feel the next spiritual level, because it is felt in our unity. If I attain it, become dissolved in all of them, then I move to the next level.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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