A Firm Is Seeking A “Feel-good Manager”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from VentureVillage): “We often hear that a happy worker is a hard worker. But for a growing number of companies worldwide, it’s a truism that’s revolutionising workplace culture. Enter the Feelgood Manager or Feelgood Department; a Santa’s workshop for your workplace happiness and lifestyle needs. From finding you new friends and hobbies to organizing drinkathons and StarCraft-themed brunches. In between, a breadth of practicalities, such as lining up routine feedback sessions and even calling on a technician to install Cable TV round your place.

“Many studies have shown that making employees happy raises productivity and profit levels: In short: workplace happiness equals more money. But for traditional types, this new ‘feel good’ role may raise a few suspicious eyebrows and undoubtedly – questions: Is caring creepy? Can you feel good at work without someone looking to raise your dopamine levels?

“Sociable activities make up the cardinal ingredient to any ‘feelgood’ workplace. Everything from karaoke and German-language classes to movie screenings and bar-hopping events.

“There’s no denying that creating real happiness is up to us. But having a Feelgood team help spread the love certainly doesn’t hurt. Top American psychologist Shawn Achor has long argued that long-lasting happiness fuels success: ‘Your brain at positive is 31 per cent more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed,’ he announced to a TED audience last year, ‘in fact, what we found is that every single business outcome improves.’”

My Comment: Integral education says that in the near future, specialists in this area will become the most demanded people in the world. Precisely they know how to create groups in the likeness of integral interdependence of people that manifests more and more. People will feel good only in such teams and outside of them, always bad!

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