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laitman_600_01Question: What is the spiritual meaning of money?

Answer: The word “money,” in Hebrew “Kesef,” from the word “Kissufim” stems from the root to yearn (which also implies a cover, a coating Masach, a screen), which means that we can build a screen in order to regain the Upper Light. and this is actually the way to get it back.

Therefore, in the spiritual sense of the word “money” is the power of reforming our ego and of attaining the revelation of the upper, of the Creator, by the Returning Light. This is the spiritual meaning of money.

The more anti-egoistic the screen a person has, the more he can reveal the upper world, the Creator, and thus become greater, attain more, and thus be called “rich.” It is because richness is measured by the degree of bestowal, by the degree of the attainment.

If I can receive the Upper Light and convey it through the screen to others, I am rich! It is because by conveying the Upper Light through me to others correctly, I receive a double portion of the Light. I have to receive it to perform an internal action of conveying to others and then I receive twice as much.

Not bad arithmetic, a good business! So engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah and be rich!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/9/16

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